Draw your signature in the box and save it for future use!

Draw Your Signature

This signature generator can make a digital version of your personal autograph. Our tool can turn your handwritten script into an image, which will make it easy to paste into documents, share on social media, embed into a website, and more!

How to Use This Signature Generator

To get started, you’ll first want to test out the drawing area. Use your mouse, finger, or stylus to draw some lines on the checkered field. When you do so, take note of how it looks. You have several options you can modify to make your signature look as close to reality as possible. That includes ink color, background color, and the minimum/maximum weights of the lines.

If you want to change anything, hit the CLEAR button, make your changes, and then try to draw again. Keep doing this until you get the settings you like best.

Once you have your settings dialed in, it’s time to generate a signature! Draw out your signature as accurately as you can. If you make a small mistake, hit the UNDO button to remove your most recent stroke. If you accidentally undo something, you can always hit REDO to bring it back. If you make a huge mistake, tap the CLEAR button and start over again.

Eventually, you’ll have a terrific digital signature. Now it’s time to save it! You can save it in three different formats: JPG, PNG, and SVG. JPGs are very versatile and will work pretty much anywhere. However, they do not support transparency, so your digital signature will be stuck with whatever background color you choose (black is the default if you don’t select one). PNGs do support transparency and are widely accepted by most apps, so this would be the ideal choice for most people. Finally, SVGs are vector graphics that would be good for a website or a design document, such as one created with Adobe Illustrator.

We recommend saving your file in all three formats, just in case.

Once the signature generator finishes saving your image, you are done! If you need to make another, hit the CLEAR button and start again. You can freely use this tool to create an unlimited number of signatures.